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Hi There,
I’m AP (Anthony Procopis), creator of Three Pillars Health.
The Beginning
I started getting into weights and all things “Health and Fitness” when I was 15 years old. A few years later I qualified as a fitness trainer. I didn’t use that qualification right away (I used the knowledge personally), as I embarked on a Professional Golf Career (another passion of mine) over the next 7 years.

Unfortunately I was not quite good enough to earn a living as a Pro Golfer so I started Personal Training full time in 2002 and have taken over 10 000 training sessions since.
“Knowledge is Power”
From the mid 90’s into the New Century I devoured many, many books on nutrition (books a low in carbs!) and also many books on Human Ecology. Basically I was looking to discover the best way to live physically.

The theories on “Paleolithic diets” and eating less processed carbohydrates where seen as “radical”. Fortunately, society has moved on now and the benefit of eating more natural carbohydrates and lean protein is recognized.

The moral of the story is don’t settle for “average”. If you want a fit, healthy, lean body seek out good information then take action; change your diet, do regular exercise and get enough sleep.

Don’t follow what most people do, strive for more. Have faith in your health system (exercise, nutrition rest) and carry it out on a daily and weekly basis. You will be rewarded with a “better than average body” full of energy, strength and health.

“Diet Books and Exercise Plans go only so far…Three Pillars Health is a Complete Health System/Philosophy for Real People with Busy Lives”
Diets and exercise programs are useless unless they are joined with adequate rest and the correct “mental conditioning.” When the correct mental conditioning is achieved, getting enough rest, eating the right foods exercising and blending them all into your lifestyle become routine. Losing weight happens quickly and if the correct mental conditioning is maintained, a lean, fit, healthy body is the result – forever.
I explain The Mental and Physical Keys in detail in the Three Pillars Health Video Presentation.
Watch it here: Three Pillars Health Presentation