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What is Three Pillars Health?
I detail Three Pillars Health in the Free Video Presentation on this site but I will give you a summary on this page:
1. Does this program require a lot of Exercise?
No it doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but when most people feel good and are losing weight they feel like exercising more. Exercise can help you burn more energy quickly, but this is not that useful if you take in high energy foods. You have to put in less energy than you burn – to lose fat. Exercise should be a part of every one’s life (if you want to be healthy). If you are relatively sedentary but are eating well, you will lose weight.
2. Is this another fad diet?
Three Pillars Health is Lifestyle System – a Philosophy; way more than just a diet.

There are lot of solid E-Books and regular books on the market that are very good. The principle of balancing your carbohydrates and protein makes scientific and historical sense – and it works (I’m a Lean “Zoner” from way back!). I teach these principles – which is to eat foods that create fat burning and reduce the foods that create fat storage. And yes, these switches are turned off or on every time you eat (and exercise). But after taking over 10 000 personal training sessions and maintaining a body at 6% body fat for over a decade (that’s 6 pack level – for those of you who don’t know what 6% body fat is), there is WAY more to getting and staying lean than dietary tactics.

For example: People that don’t get enough rest tend to consume more caffeine and or fat and sugar laden “pick-me-ups.” When you are low on sleep you are less likely to exercise because you are not feeling energetic and in the right frame of mind. Can you see the system? Nutrition, Exercise and Rest – they are all related.

Three Pillars Health is about giving you body what it needs and what it evolved with – in regards to Rest, Nutrition and Exercise. This is sometimes hard to achieve in a modern, busy, time-constrained World with different forces pulling you away from what is natural; it is a jungle out there (a concrete one!). The Mental Foundations of Your Three Pillared Temple of Health support the Physical Pillars (Nutrition, Rest and Exercise)

Watch the Video Presentation on this site to learn more about The Three Pillars Health Philosophy. The Mental Foundations and Physical Pillars are explained in detail.

3. Is this an E-Book?
No, there is nothing wrong with E-books but I have created something much more valuable. Why? Because after a decade of Personal training I know people need much more than just a downloadable file (an E-Book).

With an E-Book, you download it once and it sits on your computer, good bye and good luck!

I can’t be there in person to coach you so I have done as much as possible to give you everything you need to succeed at getting – and staying – lean.

What we have is an On-line Membership System that gives:

Tools to measure your progress

Private On-Line Membership area accessible from any computer in the world.

On-Line Library that has everything you need to know about what you need to eat, drink, how much and what type of exercise to do, the importance of rest, motivation, beliefs, values and other mental aspects needed.

2 lessons every week (48 over 6 months) to help guide you and keep you accountable (delivered to your inbox)

Lifetime Membership and no on-going fees

A low one-off E-Book price with no recurring fees as per normal memberships


As per the order page, you are eligible for two free three pillars life time membership with every single membership purchase (detail on the order page). You are also eligible Free Three Pillars Health Memberships when you purchase one of our Partners World Class Programs. These programs and Free Membership Details associated with these programs are over at the Free Three Pillars Health Membership Page.

5. Is this program for Men and Women?
Yes it walks great for both Men and Women.
6. Can I use this system if I’m a Vegetarian?
Yes most definitely
7. Can I use this system and dietary advice if I have diabetes or if I’m pregnant?
This system is about achieving or working towards Optimum Health, the system will boost your health regardless of whether you are pregnant or if you have diabetes. Most people usually experience a lowering in bad cholesterol, lowering in blood pressure, body fat (of course!) and better liver and kidney function. This is the health system that we evolved with over the past 100 000 years; our bodies thrive on it.
8. How closely do I have to follow the system and diet?
This health system gives you a lean, toned, healthy, energetic body. Once you start to understand how your body puts on and loses weight you won’t stray too far; “nothing will taste as good as you feel”.

This system is made for real people and no food or drink (but don’t drink full strength softer drink – please!) is off limits. I eat sweets and drink alcohol frequently, but I stay lean because 90% of the time I eat what my body needs.

9. Does this program come with an exercise program?
We provide a lot of workout ideas and you will learn about how much and of what exercise types you should perform. If you would like specific resistance workouts to help tone or build muscle or help crank up your fat burning, we can supply you with them (three workouts) for around $87 for 1 year’s access. These are not “one size fits all”, we actually correspond with you and after you fill in questionnaires and we give you a health check, we give you access to your workouts – tailor made for your fitness level and your goals.
10. What is your refund policy?
In the first 60 days we will give you a full refund on your purchase. Stay longer than 60 days and you and the people you have given free memberships too get lifetime membership to Three Pillars Health.
11. Is using a credit card on-line safe?
Our product is sold through Clickbank, they process the transactions. They are a company that does literally millions of successful transaction every year.
To view the Three Pillars Health Video Presentation Click Here