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Three Pillars Health Will Help You Lose Weight, Tone Up and Boost your Energy and Health

Hi There, Welcome to Three PillarsAP from THree Pillars Health Health, I’m AP.

The Three Pillars Health Philosophy was developed by myself as a result of my 20 year journey into learning about optimum health and my 10 year/10,000 session experience in training and teaching my own personal training clients.

What is Three Pillars Health?

The Temple Represents your Body

Your body is made up of Physical Pillars and Mental Foundations

The Mental controls the Physical

Your Current Body and Health is a Direct Result of how Strong your Pillars and Foundations are

Physical Pillars

Nutrition, Exercise and Rest – Things you do everyday. The foods you eat, the movements you do and the sleep you get. The choices you make will dictate how strong your health is which will mean whether you are lean, strong and healthy or overweight, weak, unhealthy and prone to sickness.

Mental Foundations

Values, Beliefs and Self Image control what foods you choose to eat, what exercise you do and how much rest you give your body.

Learn and Apply…And Get Lean

Three Pillars Health empowers you. Learn what foods stimulate the storage hormone and what foods and exercises stimulate the fat-burning hormone. There is a lot of other things that I teach that will help you get – and stay – lean, but if I was only allowed to give one piece of advice about how to get lean, I would say learn about these two Master Hormones because once you do you will start to control whether you body goes into to “storage mode” or “burning mode”.

Learn and apply this information; take a leap of faith and challenge old thoughts/beliefs about what foods, exercise and rest is best.

Test, Refine and Repeat…And Stay Lean

Test how you are doing through regular checks then refine your eating, rest and exercise if results plateau. If you are getting results, keep doing what you are doing; repeat the system (foods, exercises, sleep patterns).

“Here is the deal with Weight Loss, Body-Toning and Optimum Health Year after Year”

Why do myself and other health and fitness enthusiasts stay Lean, Healthy and Energized year after year?

“We follow Proven Systems”

Systems get results, they can easily be fine tuned and or repeated. If you would like get – and stay – lean, toned and healthy you must dedicate yourself the following a health system.

I have evaluated the best weight loss/body toning systems on-line. I have built one myself through hours of thinking, doing and persisting. Here is what I’m going to do:

“I have researched, chosen and reviewed for you, two of the best on-line, weight loss-body-toning-life-changing Systems available”

I have picked them because they are quite different but the best in their categories and will suit guys and girls, young or old.

System 1: The Transformation Solution is the “new kid on the block” and has one of the foremost experts in the World on Fitness and Transforming people’s bodies and lives behind it. Read below for full review.

System 2: The Diet Solution Program is arguably the “most downloaded weight loss program on the Internet” (March 2011 – Clickbank Market Place). This program has a “Nutritional Guru” behind it. Why so popular? Because people lose a lot of weight quickly when they follow the program (many similarities with Three Pillars Health Nutrition and what I practice.) Read below for full review.

From my recommendations below, you can choose the system that is right for you, whether you are just interested in diet and weight loss, exercises for toning or you are guy who would like to pack on some muscle to go with fat-loss.

System 1: The Transformation Solution Program

The Transformation Solution

The guy above is Bill Phillips, the author of the #1 health and fitness book of ALL TIME, Body-for-LIFE® (over 6 million copies sold), and the legend who has over ONE MILLION before and after success photos from his ravings fans (these photos take up an entire warehouse there are so many!). 10 years on –  The Transformation Solution is here.

Who is it for?

Suitable for everyone, guys that want to put on some muscle and lose fat and also women who want lose fat and tone up through resistance exercise, walking, running and other activities.

The System

A common-sense approach with a dash of cutting edge research into a new discovery named “Bio-Balance”. This discovery effects weight- loss, moods, energy and our health and builds on Bills past programs.

Diet and Exercise

What I like about this system is that it covers nutrition, but it also has full workouts and exercises for all levels and it also covers as I do in Three Pillars Health the all important mental aspects I have talked about.

What you get?

What don’t you get! You receive:

  • A huge written manual (everything is on-line)           
  • The audio to go with the written manual so you can listen on your MP3 player, phone or computer
  • Video that features 20 inspirational success stories. This is huge value; when you are inspired you can do amazing things
  • Journal to keep you on track
  • 60 min Video presentation by Bill Philips for his members about the concepts of the Transformation Solution
  • Bill’s favorite Audio programs to learn and get inspired from
  • Diet mistakes to avoid
  • Free Subscription to on-line support community (Huge Value). Much easier to succeed when you have like minded people exchanging ideas and support.
  • A supplements do and don’t list
  • Simple exercise and workouts in text and in video
  • Entry into the $50 000 body challenge which includes seminars Country wide, Radio talks and a position as a representative if you were to win. Why not go for it and change your body and life in the process?

And from me to you…

If you Purchase one of My partners programs I will give you two or three…


“Yep, I will give you free life-time memberships to Three Pillars Health”

Three Pillars Members Area

You receive – absolutely free – the above “on-Line tools, information (text and video) and also 48 lessons (two per week) for 6 months to keep you learning, motivated and accountable.

Remember the membership is on-line so you can gain access anywhere in the World from any computer and it is a life-time membership when your purchase The Transformation Solution or Diet Solution Systems.

The two systems compliment each other, having said that you can always “turn-off” the Three Pillars Health bi-weekly lessons if you a concentrating on the other system – or maybe you will find my style of communication and “Life Style Approach” suits you and you may choose to mainly concentrate on the Three Pillars Health System.

“Take a look at this short video that takes you inside the Three Pillars Health Members Area”

Why am I Giving Away My Three Pillars Health Memberships?

Well, I have got partnerships with the two creators of systems mentioned so I will not be losing anything, but more importantly – I want to give you MASSIVE VALUE, I want you to think “hey… this is a really cool deal, I want to take AP up on this!”

You have taken the first step to getting back your naturally, lean body by researching what is possible by being here looking for a real health solution – rather than looking at some scam diet pill or some worthless abs cruncher.

I say GO FOR IT! You can give your free membership/s away, keep it or share it, the more people our health and fitness systems can touch – the better!  But you must do one thing for me…Let me know how your “Get-Fit-For-Life Journey” goes.

To learn more about the Three Pillars Health System that you will receive (or transfer to a friend or relative) view the Three Pillars Health Video Presentation and browse around the pages up the top of this page.

Make sure you read on down this page to read about and then visit The Transformation Solution or the Diet Solution Program websites.

Once the purchase has been verified via email to us, we will send you (or anyone of your choice) A Three Pillars Health Membership.

System 2: The Diet Solution Program

This System is big on Nutrition and sits perfectly with Three Pillars Health as the nutrition philosophy is very similar. Those “Master Hormones” I mentioned earlier are at the core of the program and the very good Video Presentation Isabel’s give at: The Diet Solution Program Presentation (it’s a must see).

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist,  exercise specialist and the author/creator of The Diet Solution Program. This program is a “best seller” on the internet, literally selling thousands of copies each month; it is very popular.

She has already helped over 25,000 people all over the globe lose huge amounts of weight, get back their health and change their lives for good. She is also the Owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey. She has become one of the leading experts in Fat Burning Nutrition and is recognized as a health and diet industry leader.

Isabel battled being overweight, but after much study and effort she changed her body and her life around.

Who is it The Diet Solution for?

Suitable for anyone – guy or guy who is looking to lose weight through a good diet. This is sound and is this is the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight. Diet is by far the most important factor in losing weight. Exercise can “crank things up big time too” but changing to a healthy, fat-burning way of eating will have the biggest effect on losing weight. Over years of personally training clients, when they made changes to their diets, fat- loss happened fast.

The System

I like Isabel’s enlightened approach to debunking common weight loss myths, she gives out the basics of how foods work in your body and it is tailored to your particular body type through her “Metabolic Typing” method.

Diet and Exercise

Isabel actually has a degree in Exercise Physiology and is a certified Personal Trainer but the program is more based around diet and giving you the tools you need to lose weight in a quick, healthy way.

What you get?

  • The main Diet Solution Program Manual                                         
  • Metabolic Typing Manual
  • 60 days of meal plans (massive value)
  • Logs to account for what you are consuming
  • Shopping list manual

So what do you do now?

To get going with transforming your body, take a look at the three systems then choose one. Remember I suggest you purchase  The Transformation Solution by Bill Philips or The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios so you can then receive two or three Three Pillars Health Memberships FREE.

Purchase (installments qualify too) any basic program and receive two FREE MEMBERSHIPS that are totally transferable (they make a great gift idea). If your total purchase is greater than $95 (installments qualify) you will receive THREE Three Pillars Health Memberships (Retail Value – $141) that are totally TRANSFERABLE to anyone you like (gift them with 6 months of purchase).

Just fill the “Opt-In” box below so we can then send log you details and of what to do once you have purchased one of the other systems.

SO… Take these steps now…

1. Check out this site and the: Three Pillars Health Video Presentation

2. Check out: The Transformation Solution by Bill Philips

3. Check out: The Diet Solution Program by Isabel Del Los Rios

4. Purchase any program from our partners and you will receive Two Free lifetime 3PH Memberships (Retail value – $94) and spend $95 or more and Receive Three FREE Memberships.

IMPORTANT: Register with us via theOpt-In Box” below. Then make sure your confirm your request to be added to our Free Three Pillars Membership List through the email that we send you (automatically) with Three Pillars Health in the email title. You will then be instructed to email us your receipt for our partners program (for verification). Your purchase is tracked so all you have to do is email us the receipt.

PS. All Three Memberships have 60 Day Money back Guarantees so you can get your money back for any reason.


– AP

AP from THree Pillars Health