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How to lose body fat

Too many carbohydrates – especially processed carbohydrates that are

all to plentiful in our Modern World causes too much storage of fat.

But what does eating too much carbohydrate got to do with this?

Well the body can only store a small amount of carbohydrate

in the muscles (for quick movements) and in the liver (where

your brain gets it’s fuel (sugar) from. So in this age of

very carbohydrate rich foods including bread, all cereals,

chocolate, biscuits, muesli bars, soft drinks, flavored milk

and other junk foods we get way more carbohydrates than our

body could use. So…it is converted to fat and fat is something

we can store endless amounts of!

So basically protein does the opposite, it mobilizes fat

storage and carbohydrate for use (burning). Exercise does this too.

And that it how people put on and lose fat.

One of my Great Greek Ancestors once said 2500 years ago…

“Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine”.

The food will make you sick and the food will cure you.

A very wise man indeed was Hypocrates – the father of Modern Medicine.

If you would like to know exactly what you need in terms of foods

and how much exercise to do, grab a $47 life

time membership today, I have only touched on the

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Cheers – AP