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“To Reduce Body Fat, Tone Up and Boost your Energy and Health, Simply Combine your Current Fitness Training Efforts with the Three Pillars PT On-line Health System”

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Hi I’m AP,
Welcome to Three Pillars Health PT

Who is the Three Pillars Health System for?

  1. If you are someone that currently trains with a Personal Trainer or participates in group training sessions and wants to accelerate your fat-burning, body-shaping efforts and health. Three Pillars Health PT is perfect for you.
  2. If you do not train with a Personal Trainer or participates in group exercise sessions and want to accelerate you fat-burning, body-shaping efforts and health. Three Pillars Health PT will work great for you too.
Being a Personal Trainer who has conducted around 10 000 fitness sessions, I have learnt that there is only so much you can do in 1 or 2 hours per week (out of 168 hours/week) with a client or in a group exercise session. In a fitness session both trainer and client have to be focused on reps, sets, technique and intensity. This is how it is and should be, but in order to maximize your results, there are a lot more parts to a Complete Fat-Burning Health System than just exercises and working out.



To get into great shape ASAP and to stay that way for good, you must:
Step 1: Be Honest with yourself:
Are you as lean, strong and healthy as you would like to be?
Are you doing a reasonable amount of exercise and eating OK and not getting the results you want?
You may even be training with a personal trainer, that doesn’t matter, just be honest with yourself – “am I as lean as I want to be, am I completely happy with my weight and waist-line?”
Step 2: Take Action Now to Build Your Fat-Burning Health Giving System. Do not ignore the problem
  • In order to CHANGE your body, you must use different routines and systems to what you have been using
Step 3: Learn, Do, Test, Fine Tune or Repeat
  • Learn: What foods and exercise maximizes FAT-BURNING and what foods “spark” FAT- STORAGE. This is really important if you want to “get lean fast” and stay that way. P.S. In the Three Pillars Health System,, no foods are off limits and you don’t have to do endless hours of exercise to get the body you want.
  • DO: Use your new information in your everyday life.
  • Test: Track Measure your results.
    I have designed The Three Pillars Health Members Area so you have the testing systems you need at your finger tips
  • Fine Tune or Repeat: Fine tune the “doing” (or re-dedicate) of the system during the next week or repeat the system if it is getting positive results.

So the two steps to do now – in order to get into and stay in great shape are:

  • Be Honest with yourself

  • Take Action Now

What to do now?

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Thanks for listening and I hope to speak to you again soon – on the inside! AP
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