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“They didn’t tell me that when I gave up smoking I would receive in return 30lbs of fat! With Anthony’s advice and programs I become fitter, leaner and healthier every week.”

Name: Brett mason
Location: Sydney, Australia
Program follows:
AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health
Main Goals:
To lose body fat (20kg in weight) that had been creeping on and to increase aerobic fitness (huff and puff fitness)
Starting weight & body fat:
96kg or 211lbs & 30.2%BF
Weight at 5 months later:
84.5kg or 185.9lbs & 24.7%BF
Body fat reduction within 5 months:
30.2% to 24.7% is an 18.2% reduction
Weight loss so far:
11.5kg or 25.3lbs
AP- Brett is over 50% towards his weight loss goal and is steadily losing an average of 1 pound or half a kilo per week – and he will be at his goal weight soon.
Q and A with Brett
AP- What are the main reasons for you losing weight Brett?
Brett- “Changing my eating and exercise habits through your exercise program and diet information. I’m now well aware of what foods and drinks that I should eat and drink more of and the ones I shouldn’t”
AP- How has this changed your life?
Brett- “I feel fantastic, I can fit in to my old cloths, and I get a lot of positive comments from friends and family and generally feel more confident with my body”
AP- How do you monitor you progress?
Brett-“For fat loss I weigh in once per week on Tanita Scales that measures my body fat, muscle and weight. This gives me reliable feedback, and accountability. When I drink too much beer and eat poorly I put on weight, but when I drink moderately and get most of my meals right I lose fat. My fitness has also increased rapidly.”
AP- How has your fitness changed?
Brett-I could run for no more than 5 minutes before, but now I can run for more than 30 minutes non-stop and I don’t get as tired as I used to when I play golf.
AP- You also like drinking beer Brett how have you managed to lose weight whilst still drinking consistently and how much do you drink?
BrettI was not going to give up beer and relaxing with friends – because I like doing both together. However through your Three Pillars Health information, I learned some good strategies for how to drink and still lose weight and also how to eat out and not have a total dietary blow out! As you told me, if you can get around 20 out of 25 meals right each week a few beers or some ice cream or chocolate or whatever, is not going to do much damage.
AP- Fantastic Brett, keep up the good work and keep your Pillars Strong!

“If you want to improve your health, energy and vitality, you can’t go past Three Pillars Health.”

Ash Radford, Fitness Trainer for 12 years

“Hi there,

My name is Ashley Radford; I have been a personal fitness trainer for the past 12 years. I have brainstormed many ideas with AP over the years in regards to training methods, nutrition and rest and how it impacts on our personal and our client’s health.
We have traded tips on exercises, workouts and diets over the years. I really like Anthony’s development of his Three Pillars Health Philosophy.
I totally agree with AP that getting these three building blocks right is vital for great health. I impress on my clients the same concepts. When my clients do not follow these “Pillars”, they make little progress. When they do follow the “Pillars” they achieve their goals – it’s that simple.
If you want to improve your health, energy and vitality – quickly, you can’t go past Three Pillars Health.
Yours in Good Health,

Sydney, Australia

”Friends used to joke that I look liked I had swallowed the wok after eating a stir fry! Then I started Three Pillars Health and loss 35 lbs in 7 weeks and put on over 22lbs of muscle; they don’t laugh at me anymore!”

Name: John Harrison
Age: 53
Location: Sydney, Australia
Program follows:
AP Golf Fitness and Three Pillars Health
Main Goals:
To decrease size of ever increasing belly
Starting weight & body fat:
80.3kg or 177lbs & 40.5%BF
Starting weight & body fat:
74.9kg or 165lbs & 20.8%BF
Body fat reduction so far:
40.5% to 20.8% is just under a 49% reduction!!
Fat loss in weight 16 weeks later:
16.95kg or 37.3lbs
Muscle mass gain:
11.55kg lean muscle mass gain!
AP-You will notice in the “before” photo that John carried all his weight around his belly and in the “after” photo you can see a nice flat belly. His chest has also filled out, compared to his before photo. John was actually “malnourished” before changing to a Three Pillars Health lifestyle. Once John started feeding himself what his body needed and started exercising, his body responded very quickly.
The most amazing thing is that john loss over 15kg of fat in his 7 weeks and averaged over 10 alcoholic drinks/week during this phase! “Great job John!” (Measurements were done using computerized body composition analysis scales that are widely available)

By John Harrison – Points about change in health, self esteem and energy levels

Energy Levels: Having lost 17kg of fat the resultant increase in energy levels is obvious. Have you ever tried carrying a 17kg bag of spuds (Australian for potatoes) strapped to your stomach?? I am able to do much more strenuous exercise and actually every day to day activity is much easier and more enjoyable as a result – even much more alert at work. All in all life is much more enjoyable and attitude & confidence has improved toward everything in my life.
Bodily Confidence: Where I was becoming embarrassed about the way I was looking and joking it off with friends and family I now feel really good about the way I look and have no problems wearing more fashionable clothes, tighter fitting jeans. It is great to be slimmer – takes longer to get ready for work though as spend more time in front of the mirror!!
What people say: Friends used to joke that I look like I had swallowed the wok after eating a stir fry! The gut was ballooning for sure. Everyone that knew the “before” me has commented on how I have changed not only in body shape but in confidence and personality – really is a “new me” all around. The difference is marked in both looks and behavior. My kids especially comment on how they are proud of what I have achieved. It has encouraged a few people at work to take up the challenge and join me for my lunch time 1 hour walk; positive outcomes are infectious!
Using the scales: Doing a “weigh in” on the body fat scales keeps me focused. I am accountable for my actions and the scales don’t lie; they provide the proof of what I have achieved or when I might have a plateau – and I know in my own mind why I have achieved the results.
What have I learned about food? You are what you eat in a nut shell. We weren’t designed to eat processed foods. After in terms of the evolution of the species modern man has been on the planet 5 seconds. Not long ago we were hunter & gathers; we gain nothing from eating processed foods. Anthony has taught me this and other things about nutrition – and it works!
Clothes: I had to buy an entire new wardrobe as I have gone from a 38.5” waist to just on 34” – so all new pants; shirts etc – well worth the $2,000!!
Body fat: Last reading was down to 20.8% – not bad for a former “fat bastard!’’ The result of healthy eating and daily exercise – walk for 1 hour before work and 1 hour at lunch times; some sit ups, push-ups, squats etc at night for 30 minutes 3 times a week and a couple of longer walking sessions on the weekend with the girlfriend. Let me tell you the benefits to the love life of being fitter are obvious!!!

Being fit and healthy has impacted on all areas of my life and is helping me to achieve a whole lot of new things plus become a better person.

Regards – John Harrison

“Under Anthony’s guidance I lost nearly 20kg (44lbs) – and I have kept the weight off for more than three years!”

“I worked with Anthony for approximately 4 & 1/2 years. During that time I lost almost 20kgs.
When I first started training with Anthony, I hated running and refused to do it. Over the years, that changed as my fitness level increased and I have since participated in quite a few fun runs. While I still don’t enjoy running, it is still part of my exercise routine!
Anthony was also an important part of my recovery when I hurt my back. He organized my training program around the injury, to help me regain strength and prevent further injuries. He also gave me advice on my diet to ensure I kept on track with my weight loss.”
Kylie Davenport,
Sydney, Australia

“I had to do something about my weight, it was out of control”

Name: Fiona Ray
Location: Sydney, Australia
Program follows:
Three Pillars Health
Main Goals:
Decrease weight, body fat and increase aerobic fitness and self esteem
Starting body fat: 41%
Body Fat 3 months later:
35.7% then two months more it was at 31.9%
Total Body fat reduction:
41-31.9% of total weight – represents a 22% reduction in body fat
Fat loss in weight:
13kg in fat or 28.6lbs

Fiona- “Thanks Anthony to you and your Three Pillars Health Program, I feel so much happier about my body – I feel great and have heaps of energy!”

Q and A
AP- What were you doing wrong before you started on Three Pillars Health Fiona and what have you learned from the program?

Fiona- Well working with you Anthony, we were able to calculate exactly what my body needs in terms of carbohydrate, protein and fat (macro nutrients). I learned that when I ate foods that gave me the required amount of these three macro nutrients my body responded really well.

I loss fat much faster using your Three Pillars Health system than when I was on weight watchers and other diets.

AP- What about tracking your exercise and progress?

Fiona- I stick to my weekly exercise session’s planner that you developed for me and I make sure I weigh in on the “Tanita” body composition analyser scales. I then enter these numbers into my records on-line at Three Pillars Health.

AP- How important is this weigh in and entering your weight and body fat each week?

Fiona- I think it is really important as it makes me accountable each week. If I have to many nights out drinking or eating poor foods or even not exercising enough, it shows in that I’m not losing body fat and even putting fat on.

“P.G.A Tour Veteran endorses AP Golf Fitness”

P.G.A Tour Golfer- Ben Burge
I have been a full time Tour Pro for the past 14 years and currently play the Japanese, Korean and The Australasian P.G.A Tours.
“I know the value of being fit for golf. My body has to be strong, fit and able to endure hours of practice and playing. If my body is not fit and strong, I can’t earn a living.”
Anthony knows exactly what is needed to become as fit as possible for golf. If you want to get the most out of your body and your golf game, I recommend you grab an AP Golf Fitness Membership ASAP.
Ben Burge,
On Tour in Korea
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